Friday, 22 November 2013


A patch of bad luck

I do apologise for the lack of recent updates. The Sons of Abraham patch (2.0) has changed a whole host of things, including making things somewhat less stable when playing. Since this could be due to the save having been made before the patch I'm currently investigating how well the save files are compatible and whether I should simply restart with a new count Boson with slightly different stats, since they are somewhat randomised.

Another interesting point is that there are some new rules in place with the new patch, making warfare more expensive and money a more important matter. To facilitate war it is now possible to approach money lenders with a request for gold. Of course, borrowing money is only possible at extortionate interest rates and so it will be more important than ever to ensure that wars of conquest will actually pay for themselves. In addition, it will be all too easy to borrow money in a defensive situation to safeguard ones realm only to find that afterwards the realm is bankrupt and is technically owned by the bankers...
Should be lots of fun, right?

Nonetheless, after this weekend everything should be back on track, whether we play from the old save or from a new save.

See you soon!

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