Sunday, 7 August 2016

A question of design

We are living in a golden age of Simulation and Sandbox Games during which a wide plethora of games have been published on the most strange and imaginative topics. Today you can do everything from Mining and Crafting to living as a slice of toast. While still in development, Besiege has gathered quite a following, offering the player the ability to construct siege equipment and other mechanisms of destruction
and then unleash them in a series of scenarios designed to test both the players ingenuity and ability. The player might reasonably be expected to draw inspiration from historical designs, perhaps building a ballista (picture, above), a catapult or perhaps a battering ram, however, sometimes players will show a glimmer of creativity and originality. Sometimes, the results are very different from what you were expecting...

In the video below we see a person identifying as Aber Lichthausengof showcase one of his original designs called Omnibox. It's shape is reminisce of a Borg Cube, however, I have never seen a Borg Cube move this gracefully to the music of Franz Liszt. Please enjoy responsibly.

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